Self-care ideas

Ideas and inspiration about the need to care for ones self

You Inspire Me


You keep doing it!

Day after day and evening after evening.

You keep facing the challenges of your life.

You keep learning!

You keep acting in love; sometimes it’s the tough kind.

You keep going back to the drawing board and working things out.

You keep looking for ways to find your balance, to lift where you can and let alone that which you don’t have the power to change.

You keep looking for the good and pointing it out!

You keep asking for help when you are weary and graciously accepting your limitations and humanness.

You keep fighting the good fight, keep praying to be changed for the better, keep giving others room to grow too.

For all these things, and so many more, I applaud you!

It is the best that any of us can do to keep moving forward a little step at a time.

Lots of love,



Speed of Life


Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to live?

Ha! I know that sounds funny, but I was just having a conversation with myself about living at the speed of life, meaning, getting my mind to slow down so that I can take a minute to look through a cookbook or to write a note to a friend or to read a chapter in my book club book, or work on the little hand made Christmas gifts for my grandchildren- without feeling pushed to get on to the next thing!

And I am having this conversation because sometimes if feels that if I’m not running and doing “out there” then I’m not “getting things done!” Can you relate to this feeling?

When really, cooking takes time and shopping takes time and writing in a journal takes time and reading your religious text (books) takes time and pondering and meditating takes time and growing a garden takes time and cutting flowers takes time and going for a walk takes time and reading stories takes time and cleaning off the table takes time and sorting the mail takes time…..

Whatever tasks you may be doing today, I hope you can breathe and take the time to be present. Even if you’re doing the simple, living things that make a rich life for you and your family. {Which I might note, are not the things we see blasted at us through the media of our culture!}

Sometimes we have to consciously remind ourselves that building families and relationships takes even more than our time and energy; it requires our presence.

So when that hurry, hurry, hurry feeling grabs you, maybe you can smile, pat it on the head and tell it that you’re living at the speed of life and no faster.

Love you!


P.S. And may I say that when I am not present while I’m working on the tasks of living, when I am doing something to cross if off a list, it turns out that I’m not really living at all! Where we are in our minds is where we are living. Can you read a book to a child and be a million miles away? Yes! But when you come to yourself, and think about and enjoy what you are doing and the person who is with you, everything is so much more full and rich and alive! We must be very cautious about keeping ourselves here and now, not allowing our minds to be one place and our bodies in another, thus separated from the present moment.

I challenge you to take a little data sampling of where you really are at different points in your day. If you’re spending a lot of time away from yourself, something needs to change!

Tension Anyone?


Today I tried a new remedy for a tension headache. I’ve used it before for colds but I’ve never thought of it just for headaches. 

I’m happy to report that along with being simple and taking a mere 2-3 minutes to make, it actually makes a big difference!

Here’s the magic:

Ginger Lemon Tea 
1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger
{or you could use grated fresh ginger instead}
1-2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
{I juice lemons, when I have them fresh, and freeze the juice in ice-cube trays; then put the cubes in a Ziploc freezer bag. You can make the cubes 1 Tablespoon or 2.}
1 teaspoon honey

Melt and stir in one cup of hot water. Let it sit for few minutes while it cools. {Hot isn’t great for your stomach.}

Does it get any easier than that?

It was so refreshing and light and thankfully, took care of the pain.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week my friend!

Be well.


P.S. Along with any physical intervention, remedy or medicine, remember to add  “I am” declarations for a quicker recovery time.

“I am well.”

“I let go of pain.”

“I love my life.”

“I continue to learn.”

“I am flexible.”

“I learn from all of my experiences.”

P.S.S. These kinds of approaches, such as simple herbal teas and creating mental shifts, can often alleviate the need for drugs. When my step-father nearly died from an ulcer last year, they told him at the hospital that it had been caused by taking too much ibuprofen. So we have to remember to take it easy on quick fixes, make changes as we can to alleviate stress and work through our problems; get more rest; stay hydrated and do the brain training we need to do on a daily basis. Then as you need help, you can try simple, no-side-effect ideas first, and often they, along with your other healthy habits, will do the trick.

Kind, Gentle, Respectful, Firm


Part of self-care is taking care of yourself with other people.

Sometimes a gut-wrenching experience….for me, maybe it’s not for you.

When you are honest with yourself, do you see that you being treated poorly on a regular basis? Maybe not being treated with the respect you deserve?

Or do you quickly speak up to let others know how you expect to be treated?

Now, thinking back, can you say that when you are communicating these expectations that you are kind, gentle, respectful and firm?

It has been a long journey for me to get to where I know what my voice sounds like when I am using all of those attributes together.

Maybe you have practiced and have a solid grasp on the art of this, and if so, I’m glad! The world certainly needs, desperately needs, people who can work through differences with civility; who can cultivate a team mentality when working with complex issues and mulitple perspectives; who can lead with decisive action while keeping relationships strong and loving; who can set an example of offering clarity while showing extra love.

In my view, these abilities are the epitome of principle centered leadership, the attainment of which is a worthy, life-long pursuit.

Practice, practice, practice. Ask for forgiveness when we get it wrong. Move forward. Practice, practice, practice.

I wish you great success!



P.S. There is no justification for yelling, threatening, name-calling, withholding love, hitting, belittling, or any other bad behavior.  These behaviors are simply a red flag flying to tell you that boundaries need to be set, or that a boundary has been crossed by one or both parties. Consider how you can correct that situation using kindness, respect, gentleness, all while being firm.



Technical Difficulties!


Oh my, I’m typing this on my phone because our computer is having technical difficulties and I can’t access the post I wrote yesterday to share with you…

But it’s kind of ironic, because yesterday I wrote about the ways our brains go downhill when we let them, and I guess that could be likened to “technical difficulties!”

We exercise (or at least understand the need for it) when we want our bodies to be in better shape and to run more efficiently and happily. But sometimes we forget that our minds require training and practice too! That we aren’t going to feel well or loved or in charge unless we train our minds to focus on the things that will bring us wellness, love and decision.

In fact, I believe that choosing our focus and then acting to redirect our minds to that focal point, over and over to keep our minds going in the direction of peace and goodness and owning our agent hood, is the most powerful and compelling thing we can learn to do in this life.

I’ll say it again: training our minds to stay solidly focused on light, goodness, hope, blessings, mercy, humility, strength, fullness, wellness, faith and love, is the most important thing we can learn to do. All other strengths and spiritual abundance will come from this ability. Which ability is really just choosing over and over and over and over and over and over again and again to stay there. To stay focused. To stay in love.

What mind training are you working on now? I challenge you to make some kind of reminder for yourself, probably a new one every day so that you don’t acclimate to one and forget to be reminded, that will help you to stay focused on being focused.

A rubber band on your wrist. A string on your finger. A note on your cellphone. A dry erase marker written note on your mirror. A coin in your pocket. And best yet, your written declarations in your pocket!

I know that we can and MUST choose between every compound in one, and that God always honors our choice; I know that in the end, and along the way, we will get what we truly want(ed).

I also know that our minds are far, far, far more powerful than we have ever considered them to be.

We’ve got to get our game on. Now!

With love and confidence in you and your goodness,


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