“Our society constantly sends us contradictory messages.  We want to eradicate mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and violence in children and young adults but don’t really want to look too deeply at the root of the problem.  We say we value family, but we work longer hours and take less vacation time than any other country in the world. We still promote having families even when we cannot care for them; working  24/7 is not in harmony with raising healthy children…Changing a culture begins at home, and inside each of us. It begins with accepting that when you have a baby everything changes..”                             Erica Komisar

What can be done today, in our homes and inside us, to make a shift toward our part of creating a more family and child-centric society?

Could we:

Take a minute to slow ourselves down?
Have a priority shifting conversation with our spouse?
Take a walk to the park with our kids or grandkids?
Teach a child to play hopscotch or tether-ball?
Decide to set aside the pressures we may be feeling to do and be everything now?

May you be blessed as you deliberately strengthen yourself, your marriage, your family and our culture.



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