Do you think that title has truth in it?

What does a confident person look like?

Often, it is easier if we think of things from another perspective. Such as; think about the times that you are most attracted to your spouse. Is it when they may be feeling down on themselves? Probably not.

I love it when I see my husband in his groove. When he feels my love and acceptance. When he is smiling. I love to hear him greet our children and grand children with enthusiasm and excitement. He lights up when he sees them and it is a delight to witness.

Sometimes as women, I think we are trying to “be” the mother or wife or sister or daughter we think our families need, and it is easy to lose sight of who we are, and sometimes lose confidence that who we are is enough and wonderful.

When really, who we are is actually what they want and need.

So what is confidence?

First of all, confidence is not looking a certain way. It’s not having hair like so and so. It’s not weighing a certain amount or dressing in the latest style. It’s not being the center of attention or having x number of friends (…although all of these outward things can show part of how we feel about ourselves!)

Confidence is knowing who you are. Created by God and beloved by God.
Confidence is feeling love and acceptance for and within yourself, that then oozes out and touches others with love and acceptance.
Confidence is knowing that you are human and giving yourself room to grow.
Confidence is doing good; being kind; reaching out; showing concern; loving within healthy boundaries.

So how do you build confidence in who you are?

A#1 answer in my opinion is to have respect for yourself and for your needs, and to communicate that respect to others by how you speak of yourself and how you treat yourself.

Want to be more self-respecting and therefore more attractive? Write out your declarations about how you feel about yourself (those positive, beautiful thoughts!) and get to saying them until they come to your mind unbidden. Work at it and pray for it and begin to show greater respect for yourself today.

Yes, we give.  Sometimes we give appropriately, sometimes not enough, then sometimes we give too much. Keep working on balance!

Yes, we nurture. And that nurturing needs to extend to us too!

Yes, we sacrifice. While allowing others the opportunity to sacrifice for us as well.

We have so much more power to change our circumstances by changing how we feel about ourselves and our lives than we realize or use!!!

You are great!

So let it show.

Love you,


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