Because our brains must be extremely selective about what stimuli will receive our attention, there is a great opportunity for us to learn to ask our brains to tune into the good we want to see. There is no possible way that we can attend to the millions of bits of information our brains are capable of perceiving, so to stay sane, it must decide what to see and hear and what to block out. So why not select the good?

We don’t need help hearing the crisis and dramatic difficulties of the world because they are ever present and often so loud that it isn’t hard to tune into them!

But what about the beautiful, subtle miracles taking place right outside our windows every minute of every day?

The flowers that are blooming, the vegetables that are forming, the wind that is making the poplars sound like an ocean of ebbing water?

It’s true for our relationships as well. When we are running and occupied with a multitude of details, our minds selectively attend to only the few things on which we have chosen to focus.  We may very well be missing the sights and sounds of nature along with the sound of our children’s voices or be able to see the need of a friend or the invitation of our spouse to stop and listen to things they need to say.

But how can we redirect ourselves when our habit is to be harried and rushed or just simply preoccupied?

Here’s a thought: pick a stimulus to which you already attend, like a clock striking the hour or meal time or break times or nap times.  Write a few declarations that you will say at your chosen interval of that, at least daily, stimulus.

When you tune into your chosen stimulus, start your script and let it move you into a new awareness for a few minutes.  Could sound something like this:

“I am so grateful for this beautiful day!”

“I can hear my children’s voices and they are music to me.”

“I am in love with my life.”

“I take time to see the beauties of nature.”

“I am healthy and whole.”

“I breathe deeply.”

“I relax my face and lower my shoulders.”

I am amazed beyond measure at the power of our thoughts.  Every day I see new ways that I can choose to direct my thinking and therefore my body and my perception. Intentionally saying positive statements like these (remember, positive and present tense) can change your life.  Quickly.

I wish you a beautiful day!  Make it so!




4 comments on “Eye Training”

  1. Oh Jacque,, I am so enjoying your blog lately. The family has gone crazy, well part of it, trauma, trauma ,, trauma . Makes a sane person wanna scream . Did I just insinuate that I am sane ?? You know better lol

  2. What a great idea! I love that simple redirect! There are so many things to be thankful for, and so much good to remember. Blessings flow so frequently, sometimes we forget to notice.

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