I am amazed at how lazy our minds can be when we let them go!

Lazy in the sense that if we haven’t taught ourselves to dwell in positive places, places of clarity and light, we’ll most likely be tolerating negative looping thought patterns. And let’s face it, our minds seem to spiral lower and lower when left to themselves with no boundaries of enough is enough.

Like a kid left to play video games all day; like grazing on a bag of potato chips while thinking about the book you’re reading; like reacting to a put down instead of acting according to our own better judgement, a mind left to wander and sulk and replay pain and fear is really pleading to be redirected….for our own good and the good of everyone we know, especially those who depend upon our love!

If our minds were muscles (I guess they are in that we can strengthen them or let them go to the least resistant thoughts); if our mental conversation was audible (oh wait, what we think is apparent when we open our mouths!); if negativity effected our pay check or our looks or our standing with others (oh wait, it does all of that!). So if we know all of these things, why do we “let ourselves go?”

I think it is because we don’t believe that we have the ability to change our thoughts. And, because we think that no one else knows, it seems that the social pressure we may feel for being on our best behavior doesn’t count when it comes to our thoughts.

But it counts more than anything else!

And we do have the ability to change. Yes, it takes concerted effort! No less effort than lifting weights, no less than taking a shower every day and washing our faces and brushing our teeth. No less than putting a good foot forward at work or when we are with our friends. But it requires a higher level of integrity, because while our thoughts do show in every facet of our lives, they are primarily the fruit of the private relationship we have with ourselves. And is there any relationship as important as the one we have inside our own heads, with ourselves and with our Creator?

I know that this is the battle that means the most; it’s the place where all our battles are actually fought. And, I know the battle it is to believe that we can change our thought patterns and that the battle to keep at it day in and day out is real! And it can be won.

We must try not to spend our time fighting with other people, wanting them to approve of us or wanting public opinions to validate us! Those opinions aren’t the ones that truly matter in the end. We must validate ourselves. Make friends with ourselves. Make peace with God. Bask in His constant love and know that we are priceless to Him. {Don’t know that yet? Ask Him to let you know how He feels about you.}

We’ve got to fight right!

How much fight do you have in you?

Hold on and hope on and don’t you ever give up.

Sending you my love and my knowing that we were born to win.


“I am the Master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul.”
“I am learning to take better care of myself.”
“I like myself, I love myself.”
“I am precious to God.”
“I am interested in the world.”
“I find joy in my life every day!”
“I am in charge of my beautiful mind.”

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