It never ceases to amaze me how a change of perspective changes everything.

Whether it’s the new perspective someone gives you when you’ve had a misunderstanding, “Yes, I said that because you said such and such and then you weren’t listening to me!” Oh. I did? And I wasn’t? I can see why you responded that way then. I’m sorry.

Or when you look back over shared history and see that a situation that might have been freedom to one person, was at the same time a tragedy to another.

And most always, when you get a little distance between you and home, you can look across the miles and gain insights into the circumstances, people and relationships that are waiting for you there. But at least for a moment, you can think and pray and ponder without being in the middle of the thick of it all!

I wish you many perspective-shifting, relationship-building, health-renewing experiences this year!

Much love,


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