I listened to a business pep talk the other day and the lovely girl who wrote it suggested four things to offer business clients: 


1 is to provide a community of like minded people who can create friendships and support one another
2 is to provide sacred spaces where people feel safe to share who they are inside,
3 is to simply love the the people you are serving! and
4 is to notice, appreciate, hear and understand them to show them that love!

I thought it was great advice, {thank you for the reminder Fabienne}. We endeavor to offer these exact things at Lioness!

But even more importantly than what this recipe can do for a business, I’ve been thinking that this is a great recipe for what we want to offer the people we call family.

It’s really a little lesson on validation isn’t it?

So… is there someone in your house who could use an extra dose of understanding today?

I challenge you to find them (and I will too) and let them know, by your validating ways, that they belong in your heart.

Be well!


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