Not only do I not have to, you don’t have to either!

And that’s because we can’t!

We can’t make everything all better for anyone on the planet. And trying to do so is self-defeating and terribly discouraging to everyone else.

So why do we try?

Because we have unintentionally gotten our wires crossed. It seems we get confused with Loving Thy Neighbor and doing for others without being asked, and we lose sight of which part is ours and which part belongs to others.

Yes, giving is benevolent and service divine.  But over-stepping into the belief that we are responsible to fix and solve other people’s problems can lead to codependency and pain.

The truth is that we love best when we listen more and talk less. When we understand that our friends and family want and need our support without our lectures. When we wait to be invited in and trusted enough to be asked for our opinion or help. When we honor the autonomy of others, young and old, and give them our full attention and the gift of our time, and understanding while they own their own problems and figure out what they will do next.

And beautifully, when we let go of our belief that it is our responsibility to fix and mend every problem for every child or friend, we are free to make some progress of our own, to own our own life, and to discover our divine errands; To face our own challenges and get to work on what we need to learn and accomplish.

All my best to you in this liberating journey!






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