Do you ever feel torn between getting some rest and tackling a project or catching

up on something that you haven’t had a chance to get to yet?

I feel for that dilemma, I’ve had it many times myself.

What I am learning in my age is that there isn’t much that is worth exhaustion or mental or physical fatigue the following day.

And come to think of it, usually the equation isn’t really about accomplishing things, but more about having an attitude about “not having the time” you want to do the things you want. Am I right?

Hear the martyr in this equation?

In essence it’s saying, “I have to sacrifice feeling well and rested, in order to do my thing and keep up.”

But, what if your un-rested self is hard to live with come morning? Or the feeling of victim-hood flowing out to all the household is in turn putting the people that “take” your time in the perpetrator role?

Eeek. If any of this rings true for you, I’d say maybe it’s time to make a little mental shift. Kids don’t need to feel as though they are the cause of your frustration. Your spouse doesn’t need to feel burdened by a feeling of resentment coming from across the table. And you, you don’t need to run faster than you have strength.

Yes, there are times of illness or other circumstances that encroach on a mother’s sleep, but when it is up to us to rest or stay up too late because we can, I’d say, go for the rest! And yes, sometimes a rest can be just a change of scenery or a little break of some kind!

Ultimately, those things that need to be done {which are far fewer than we usually think} will eventually get done. Those that aren’t terribly important will fall away. There are times and seasons for all good things, and before you know it this fleeting season will have passed by.

Please welcome the rest you need. Consider your health and the resultant resilience you will enjoy! And how much you can accomplish when you are truly rested and fresh.

This is yet one more way that your self-care is a large blessing to your family!

Love to you!


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