“There is energy in light,” {I heard my husband say as he was giving our grandson a little physics lesson about the sun today…}

Which made me stop and think.

We get more energy as we are closer to seeing things as they really are; as we feed ourselves the positive truth; as we exercise our creative powers; as we make decisions based on clear motives; as we take the gift of life we were given and fully accept our agent-hood; as we are quiet inside; as we choose to submit our will to God; as we stay committed to the greater good; as we forgive ourselves and others; as we gather knowledge by our experiences and by learning from the experiences of others; as we do the work of living; as we learn from children; as we serve and lift our family and friends; as we express ourselves clearly….

In other words, we gain greater energy the closer we are to Light.

Which places, books and music, which people and what activities leave you with a greater feeling of Light-ness?

Go to them! Live in and with them! Surround yourself with their positive energy!

And you will have greater health, understanding, ability, endurance and joy!

All of these I wish for you–



“I am constantly learning new things!”
“I love my life!”
“I am grateful for my chance to be here!”
“I am at one with Light and Love.”
“I am living in the present.”
“I am gracious and kind.”

P.S. Practice declaring these positive truths, and of course those that you write yourself, 3-5 times each day for one week and watch your countenance grow Lighter! Hey, make it every day of December and see a bigger shift in your energy! If you’re creative, make up a song and use declarations as lyrics. If you need reminders to say or sing or shout them, write them on every mirror in your house with a dry erase pen. For real strength, write them on a small piece of paper and carry them with you. Lately, I’ve considered suggesting a Henna design of declarations on the arms of those who struggle to employ this powerful, free gift! I firmly believe that every cell in our bodies is listening and obeying what we are telling ourselves every minute of every day. {Remember Dr. Sarno?}

P.P.S. Why is it that we pine to have things we can’t afford, thinking that more things will bring us the happiness we want, when true change and power come from what is freely available to all?

P.P.P.S. Merry Christmas! Consider this reminder your first gift of the season!

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