Ever played the game where you’re supposed to share something that no one would know about you and then sometimes the game morphs into taking turns telling the most embarrassing moments we can remember?

I have. And it seems that over time {thank heaven!} those embarrassing memories fade and aren’t as important or earth-shattering as they once were.

But that’s because as time goes by, we learn from our experiences and become more mature in our approach to life and our relationships. The great news is that we’re in good company, because everyone has to go through their own “growing-up” stages to earn that maturity.

As far as relationships go, it doesn’t matter if you marry at 18 or 22 or 32 or 42, you must pay your dues and pass through the experiences that grow you as a couple. Granted, personal growth and confidence can put you in a good position for relationship growth, but even the most successful, educated and confident people have to go through growing pains. In fact, what we think of as our strengths and advantages, can sometimes be our stumbling blocks! We may feel disappointed in the fact that yes, there are still dues to pay!

That is life. We grow so gradually most of the time that it can be imperceptible. So grows our relationships too. Little by little, we add baby steps of knowing and understanding and acceptance.  When we keep going and keep trying, those tiny, incremental steps can take us far beyond where we thought we could go!

So, my challenge for you is to see the strides you’re making and give yourself credit for the hard work you’ve done! If you have a journal, take a quick look at your life a year ago or even five years ago and see how far you’ve come.

We don’t need to be perfect at anything, just willing to try. And then, to dust ourselves off when we fall short, and try again.

I hope you’re being kind to yourself. You’re doing so well!



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