From Norman Vincent Peale’s, The Power of Positive Thinking:

“A former member of a championship university crew told me that their shrewd crew coach often reminded them, “To win this or any race, row slowly.” He pointed out that rapid rowing tends to break the stroke and when the stroke is broken it is with the greatest difficulty that a crew recovers the rhythm necessary to win. Meanwhile other crews pass the disorganized group. It is indeed wise advice–“To go fast, row slowly.”

“In order to row slowly or to work slowly and maintain the steady pace that wins, the victim of high tempo will do well to get the coordinating peace of God into his mind, his soul, and it might be added, into his nerves and muscles also.”

“Slow down, for whatever you really want will be there when you get there if you work toward it without stress, without pressing. If, proceeding under God’s guidance and in His smooth and unhurried tempo, it is not there, then it was not supposed to be there. If you miss it, perhaps you should have missed it. So definitely seek to develop a normal, natural, God-ordered pace. Practice and preserve mental quiet. Learn the art of letting go all nervous excitement. To do this, stop at intervals and affirm, “I now relinquish nervous excitement–it is flowing from me. I am at peace. ” Do not fume. Do not fret. Practice being peaceful.”

I wish you an unhurried stroll into summer!

I’m going to make my Sleepytime tea and read my book and practice being peaceful before bed. Aaaaaah.

Love you.




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