A large part of self-care is self-talk…that on-going conversation you are having with yourself about how you look, what you need to do, how you feel about yourself, your mistakes and your victories.

Often times I hear women say that they don’t like the way they feel about themselves whether it is worrying about their looks and weight, or what they need and want to accomplish. Often I hear that they don’t feel that they are making the grade.

I challenge you to pay attention to your self-talk for 24 hours.  Are you critical or are you kind?  Maybe you are kind and patient with everyone but you.  Or maybe your self-talk is positive and encouraging! Just take a day and listen to what your inner voice saying about how you’re doing…

If you find that there is an encouraging, forgiving self-talking voice, rejoice!  I’m so glad!

But if you find that there is a never-ending tide of “you should have’s” and “why didn’t you” and “you’ll never win” voice that you are suffering through, please ask yourself this:

What if the negative words you spoke to yourself, the words inside your head that no one hears, were turned into actual physical blows instead of just demeaning words?

Would you have bruises and a bloodied nose?

Is that what you deserve for being human?

Please, take the challenge to just listen in and hear what you are saying to yourself this week. It can be the pivotal point of great personal change!

All my best to you,

“The harsh, silent, voice that cut me down, stalled my plans and killed my confidence, at last

has been heard,


forgiven and


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