Oh my, I’m typing this on my phone because our computer is having technical difficulties and I can’t access the post I wrote yesterday to share with you…

But it’s kind of ironic, because yesterday I wrote about the ways our brains go downhill when we let them, and I guess that could be likened to “technical difficulties!”

We exercise (or at least understand the need for it) when we want our bodies to be in better shape and to run more efficiently and happily. But sometimes we forget that our minds require training and practice too! That we aren’t going to feel well or loved or in charge unless we train our minds to focus on the things that will bring us wellness, love and decision.

In fact, I believe that choosing our focus and then acting to redirect our minds to that focal point, over and over to keep our minds going in the direction of peace and goodness and owning our agent hood, is the most powerful and compelling thing we can learn to do in this life.

I’ll say it again: training our minds to stay solidly focused on light, goodness, hope, blessings, mercy, humility, strength, fullness, wellness, faith and love, is the most important thing we can learn to do. All other strengths and spiritual abundance will come from this ability. Which ability is really just choosing over and over and over and over and over and over again and again to stay there. To stay focused. To stay in love.

What mind training are you working on now? I challenge you to make some kind of reminder for yourself, probably a new one every day so that you don’t acclimate to one and forget to be reminded, that will help you to stay focused on being focused.

A rubber band on your wrist. A string on your finger. A note on your cellphone. A dry erase marker written note on your mirror. A coin in your pocket. And best yet, your written declarations in your pocket!

I know that we can and MUST choose between every compound in one, and that God always honors our choice; I know that in the end, and along the way, we will get what we truly want(ed).

I also know that our minds are far, far, far more powerful than we have ever considered them to be.

We’ve got to get our game on. Now!

With love and confidence in you and your goodness,


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