My dad has a saying, one of many, that he offers to me whenever I am wondering if a big job is ever going to be over or if I am just generally being impatient!

He says, “It’s just like a cat eating a grindstone.”

Kind of a good visual, huh?

So much of what we do everyday in a family is an investment into something so big, it’s cosmic, but we don’t often see the progress we’re making. The outcome of the accumulation of years of work doesn’t seem to be profoundly visible until later, like when a milestone is hit! That’s why moms often cry at graduations and recitals and weddings and maybe even at the sight of a good report card! There are thousands of days, countless hours and many internal battles fought and won, put into creating those moments! They are a very big deal!

Just wanted to remind you that all of the little things you did today are adding up to greatness, growth, gifts and gratitude! This work you are doing will yield blessings and joys that can only be imagined by those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to work as a family builder.

Keep your chin up! You may not feel like it, but you are moving the world, and profoundly making it better, every single day. In fact, you are the world to those little people who need you.

Sending you love and kudos for another day invested well!



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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I often feel stretched to the limit by all the needs of the little people in my care. Trying to keep the balance!! It is so tricky sometimes!! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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