Can you remember when you were little and it was getting close to Christmastime

or your birthday? I remember that I would start thinking about the upcoming celebration more and more as it got closer. I was preoccupied at times with wondering what the present under the tree with my name on it was! Or how so and so would like the gift I got for them. That kind of anticipation turned into a kind of waiting. When everything else was measured by how many there would be until the day; how many school days left, how many piano lessons or how many chores to do.

It seems that throughout our lifetimes, we end up doing a lot of waiting. For that boy to call, for the day of the dance, for the letter of admission in the mail, for getting the braces removed, for the hair to grow out, for the morning sickness to be over, for school to start, and on and on. And we learn that the waiting does end, and more waiting begins.

So, how amazing it is to learn to be present in the waiting.

To continue to work and learn and take breaks and breathe, all while there is something coming up ahead that will change life…again.

Being present while waiting is pretty tough if the day you’re longing for has to do with feeling better again! Or being able to walk again or see someone you have missed again!

If you are in a difficult waiting moment, I pray that you’ll hang on and find whatever snatches of relief and peace you can as often as you can!

The long awaited day will come.

Be well my friend. I wish you all the lessons your waiting is bringing to you!



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