It’s like brightly glazed earthen bowls by a glowing fire. It’s clean windows and simple, beautiful food.

A yellow kite flying in a blue sky. A curly dog, so happy to see you that he wags ‘his whole self.’ It’s the steady, warm flame of a candle at dusk or a sky strewn with stars deep in the country. It’s like bright pink blown glass or a baby’s laughing blue eyes. It’s like a bed of bold, fragrant flowers or the weeping leaves of a willow in a soft breeze.

Your intuition is a bit of the feminine magic that turns ordinary days into inspiring memories. Yours is the gift of sweet connections, warm smiles, soft hugs and the quiet strength of knowing and being known and loved, freckles and all.

Be still and and listen to your knowing. It is there.

Be yourself because you are inspiring and beautiful! Cultivate your inward smile and let it shine on those you love.



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