Hello my friend! I hope this finds you well.

Sometimes we don’t get the “self” in self-care. You know? Sometimes I think I’ve been unconsciously waiting for someone to notice that I need something and do it for me. Have you ever done that too?

Well, we’ve been talking about self-care a lot in our Healing With Love class, so I’ve been hearing about the very real challenges these women face, and of course I understand!

Can you relate to the following self-care roadblocks?

1 “I don’t have enough time.”

(First of all, if you haven’t taken the quiz on this post, please do so now, get a perspective shift, then come back and see if you can put this challenge aside!)

If we don’t put ourselves on the daily list of priorities, we need a shift in our thinking! Consider the woman you would choose to care for your kids: is she kind and clean and gentle, while being firm and clear?

Or is she disheveled, cranky, unsure and irritable?

Of course not!

How would you like to show up for your family? What do you need so that you can feel kind, clean, gentle, firm and clear? Make a plan to do that.

2. “I’m too lazy.”

What we don’t often realize is that it takes so much more time, energy and effort to go on in craziness than it does to commit to change.

Commit to change and ask for God’s help! It will come!

3. “Social media is my main distraction and sucks up what free time I have.”

You may have to firmly disengage for awhile so that you can reset your mind. Doing something in autopilot like checking each app in order every 15 minutes, or scrolling etc. becomes so habitual that we do it without even realizing it right?

Cut the cord. Break the chain. Kill the notifications.

These are psychologically designed to rule your life and take your time and energy and attention! Take the bull by the horns, get your time back and focus on what is most important!

Sister, I believe with all my heart that as mothers, we cannot afford to let life go by while we are half asleep and unaware, unkempt and feeling guilty!

I dare you to envision the version of you that feels loved, held, supported, fed, nourished, rested, happy and calm!

Then make a plan to create that experience for yourself.

At very least, decide now to take one baby step toward being that girl.

All my love,

The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home, We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.

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