What Is

Do you ever recognize ingratitude, or brattiness in yourself?  Ha!  I do! It’s usually when I’m feeling slighted, like something (and maybe even a very big something) has gone wrong and I realize that I can’t call back the time and fix everything for myself or for anyone else, and frustration is looming! And then […]

You’re Not Alone

It seems to me that one of the most, if not the most, discouraging “fiery dart” is the thought and then consequent feeling that you are experiencing life alone.  That you are isolated for one of a million reasons and that leaves you wondering if anyone has ever felt as disconnected as you feel at […]

7 Steps Seminar Coming!

To those of you who have attended the Lioness at the Door 7 Steps to Family Wellness, seven-month seminar, may I ask a favor of you? Would you think for a bit about the most important take away you had from your experience in seminar and share it in a comment here? God willing, we […]

The Power

“A famous trapeze artist was instructing his students how to perform on the high trapeze bar.  Finally, having given full explanations and instruction in this skill, he told them to demonstrate their ability. One student, looking up at the insecure perch upon which he must perform, was suddenly filled with fear. He froze completely.  He […]

Multiply and Replenish

If you were giving life-affirming counsel to your children who were about to launch out on their own, in five words or less, what exactly would you want to tell them? How would you let them know of your confidence in their ability to grow and learn?  How would you state your thoughts so clearly […]