The Precipice

Do you ever get discouraged when you come out of a difficult time and see that once again, when you were at the cross-roads of going down a negative train of thought or of maintaining your faith and personal power and keeping your thoughts positive, you ended up choosing the downward path?  Again. Even though […]

Dear Lovely Self

If you could talk to your younger self, say, yourself ten years ago, what would you say? I imagine that I would say something Iike; Guess what?  Everything is going to be ok!  Yes, you’re going to make it through the mission, through the heart break, through the college admissions and wedding (and you’ll be […]

You AND Me

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have the need to think about using inter-dependent skills vs. auto pilot co-dependency habits in my relationships.  Can you relate to that at all? And I’m trying to get faster at recognizing when I am spending my time trying to avoid having a clarifying conversation, […]

I Give Thanks

I give thanks for you and for the life you are living! For your goodness. For your beauty, talent and love. Be well! There are brighter days ahead! Love always, Jacque

Musical Magic

Today I was reminded of the powerful, organizing, spiritual and creative force of music. I was privileged to hear a private piano concert and it moved me to tears to be wrapped in the beauty and power of classical music, enhanced by the friendship which inspired such a thoughtful act.  Thank you a million times […]