Gotta Love a Clean Slate!

I get an energy burst as the calendar fully turns to the clean slate of a bright, new year. To me, it’s a time to take stock of where I’ve been and to reset my vision for the year ahead. It’s clean. It’s uncluttered. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge what I’ve learned and recommit to […]

That’s What Love is For

Have you discovered that sometimes family relationships are a little more challenging than you thought they might be? {I think that’s the understatement of the world myself!} Being in it for the long haul, rain or shine takes everything we’ve got and ultimately calls us, even compels us to continue to move forward through our […]

Claim Your Power

I usually end my written or video posts by saying something like, “I hope you’re taking really good care of yourself!” Today I’ll tell you why. It’s because I am a recovering perfectionist/negative thinker/codependent-validation-seeker. How’s that for an exhausting line-up? I know all about not taking care of self; of pushing too hard and denying […]

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! “Where thou art-that- is home.” Emily Dickinson

A few years ago I was standing in the middle of a picturesque little-town cemetery, talking to my deceased grandmother, and to my mother who was out of the country.  I imagined we were all standing there together looking back over our lifetimes and the lives of those before us and then to the generations […]

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Do you ever ask yourself this question, “Do things have to be so hard?” In the Lioness seminar, 7 Steps to Family Wellness, we’ve been working on learning to manage the conversation in our heads.  You know, the constant jabbering that is going on every waking moment and sometimes in the sleepless hours of the […]