Happy October!

Happy October!  How can it  possibly be this time of year already? I do not know!  But it is beautiful, and we are enjoying apples from Grandpa Jack’s trees, making pumpkin ice cream and watching the mountains turn into what looked the other day like colorful candy, dusted with powdered sugar snow. Time passes and […]

Let’s Eat Cake!

Hi!  I am so excited to share something new with you!  New to me, maybe new to you too…first a little background: Three years ago this fall I took drastic measures.  I came to grips with the fact that gluten was hard on me and decided it was time to give it up.  It was […]

Living in Color

Living in ColorSummer is winding down, and I hope it has been a good one for you!  I can feel the energy growing for school shopping, sign-ups for football and piano lessons and, and, and…!  While you’re in the midst of this gear shifting, please consider these words, profoundly placed on a bumper sticker I […]

Step 1: Smile and say, "Thank you!"

Thoughts on self-reliance…we women may need clarification on occasion…. as we (I) sometimes get confused.   Do you ever feel that if you let another person help you that somehow you have failed at being self-reliant?  (Might have to take the capital letter off your cape?) After a week of laying low with back problems, I […]

My December Wish for You~

Dear Mom; It seems that a big part of what can make life overwhelming is letting your mind think of all that you need to do, all that you want to do and all that would be nice to do, all at the same time!  Especially in December right!?  Prioritizing your time is a big […]