Magical Moments


I am grateful for the little windows of time when ordinary things seem magical.

When old apple trees get dressed up with lights.


When someone builds a little bridge over a wandering little brook.


When the strawberries are blooming pink and white.

When the lavender blossoms burst into a purple, fluffy cloud.

When you catch a glimpse of your child in happy, imaginative play.

When you catch your spouse’s eye through a crowd and feel a spark!

It takes a bit of paying attention and slowing down our thoughts.

Do you recognize that every days are peppered with magical moments?



New Twist Potatoes


Time for a recipe Ladies!


3 Tbs bacon grease (nitrate free please)

1 onion sliced

6 small potatoes, thinly sliced


1 cup pureed tomatoes

1 Tbs beef bouillon

2 cups frozen corn

1/2 red pepper, chopped

3 tsp Real salt

Handful of fresh basil

Cook onions in bacon fat for 1-2 minutes then add all ingredients to the skillet.  Cover and cook until potatoes are tender.

Then add:

One cup heavy cream and heat through.

Garnish with more fresh basil!

A few loaves of fresh bread and maybe a fresh salad, and you have a meal!  And your

kitchen is going to smell divine!

Love ya!



You Need It!




Do you ever get to feeling that you are run ragged?  That you are coming apart at the seams? That the clothes aren’t fitting or the haircut is desperate or a million and two other issues have come up that are adding to your sense of disarray?

First a truth:  My friend, if you are in the role of nurturing others, YOU NEED NURTURING.

You need women in your life.  You need a hug.  You need a haircut.  You need a massage. You need a smile and a listening ear. We don’t give much nurturing when we don’t or won’t receive any!  Instead of being warm and gracious, we get tactless and demanding.  Instead of offering clarity and comfort, we bite people’s heads off and let others fend for themselves in times when we ought not.

So, if you happen to be in the habit of self-neglect, I imagine the question you may be asking is how can I possibly have the time or the money or __________ to make that happen?  Let me give you a little love here.

Remember the thing about feminine energy?  That it is drawing energy not pushy and hunting-you-down kind of energy? {One of the sure-fire ways to know if you are out of your native space is to think about how you are going about dealing with people in your life.  Drawing or chasing?}

Well, you use that feminine energy and you draw it to you.  As a daughter, you humbly ask God for help.  You loose the attitude. (That in fact was the answer I received to a prayer not long ago! “Jacque, loose the attitude so I can help you.” I was corrected, so I’m passing on the love.) You trade a friend for babysitting so that you can get your haircut.  You kindly, gently, respectfully and firmly let your spouse know that you need some care and ask for his support. And, then you reciprocate so that his needs can be met as well.

Please, please, please don’t walk around whining and complaining about the world and every one in it!  Please don’t allow your words to be a proverbial downpour on someone’s day because you are feeling neglected. You can stop being or feeling neglected this very minute.

Decide to change.

Help yourself.

Nurture yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Get the assistance you need.

Did you know that you are most powerful when you are in a place of self-acceptance and self-love?

And the beauty is that you don’t have to wait for the ills of society to be healed first before you help yourself to live happily and in balance.

Need help?  Get a counselor.  Get a coach.  Find someone to which you can hold yourself accountable.

Change. Let go.  Repent.  Create the life you want.

Ok now, how do I sign-off after a rant like this?

I believe in you!  You can do this!  And your marriage and family will be all the better for it!

Yep, that’s it.














Clarity Brings Peace


I am so pleased with all of the messages I am getting from you about the things you are cleaning out and clearing up!  Way to go! Your bold steps forward are such a blessing to your family and ultimately to the world at large.

A comment I read today said something like, “I stood and looked at the living room for 30 minutes and could see the things that needed to change.” Wow.  Then the before and after pictures I’ve seen are amazing!  Clarity of mind ripples out into our physical world doesn’t it?  And therefore, indecision and lack of vision show-up big time too! And those two states feel in such contrast to each other!

When I am in a place of order, it’s as though my cells are being nurtured by the peace that oozes out of the woodwork. Decisions made and obstacles hurdled; hard work and creativity; function and beauty all combine to put our minds at rest.

What little things are bugging you? I was shocked again today, when I had a small window of time to work on a few trouble spots in my house, at how little time it actually takes to set things right.  Once you have, “stood and looked” and maybe taken notes, move! It takes far less time to do it than it does to think about it!

30 minutes of concentrated effort can change the night to day!

Sending you my love and blessings,


Confident? It Shows!


Ever notice how you get along with other people when you are ‘in your groove’?  When you’re really feeling good about yourself, do you find that you get along better with your spouse, for instance? When you’re comfortable in your own skin, it’s so much easier to laugh, to take other people lightly, to laugh at your own mistakes and move on isn’t it?

Here’s an experiment to try:

Next time you have a scuffle or even a simple misunderstanding with someone, check in with yourself and see how you were feeling before the problem arose.  What was your self-talk that day? Did you feel happy and self-assured, or were you feeling down on yourself about something?  {This seems to be particularly true in a marriage relationship!} Feeling sick or tired or hungry or grouchy or unattractive? That’s usually the time the guard goes down and the negative and critical voice takes over. Not only does it berate you, but then the thoughts will come that the current problem or situation is actually your spouses fault. Am I right?

It is absolutely astounding to me when this reality hits home.  And the astounding part is that we need to be taking far greater care of ourselves and each other if we want a peaceful family life.

That’s the bottom line.

So I ask you: How can you take better care of yourself?

And how can you then take better care of the people who are your responsibility?

Do you need to shower and dress in the morning?  Do you need to stay hydrated?  Do you need a break for a few minutes to unwind your brain once a day?  Do your children need their meals earlier?  Do they need more sleep or an earlier bedtime? Do they need better nutrition than they are currently getting?  Does your spouse need more kindness and understanding than you are currently offering him?

Jot down three answers to each question and then take 60 seconds to envision yourself doing exactly those things. And voila! You’re on your way! {Sounds as though I’ve over-simplified this, but try it!  You just may be inspired and amazed at how quickly your vision will come into being.}

I wish you more peace.