Busy Bee

Here’s permission to stop and smell the roses…even before all the work is done!

Because we all know that the work of running a household and raising children is never done.  Not on weekends, not on holidays.  It continues, even beyond here.

So, we’ve got to get good at noticing natural breaks!  (Hint: your husband could probably clue you in on this.)  When do you feel that you can pause and regroup and take a little walk and breathe?

Are you living and enjoying or are you running from one task to another, feeling that if you can just get one more thing crossed off your list, then, you will have earned a rest?

Today, I wanted to check your temperature about this issue and encourage you to think about the whys of what you do.

Do you feel that you have to be productive all of your waking hours?  If so, I’d suggest that you rethink your beliefs.

Busy and productive ≠ validation.

The truth is, validation doesn’t truly come from how busy we are or what we produce.

Validation comes from God.  We are valued and can feel validation just because we are His children.  Nothing to prove, no one to impress.  Pray for clarity if this is an issue for you.  He will tell let you know the truth about who you are.

Besides listening for His voice, cultivate your own compassionate inner voice that reminds you that you are loved and valued and important.  Declare it!

I challenge you to take some time today to pray, breathe deeply, stand in the sun (in those moments it peeks through), declare your worth and just be.

You are enough and this is your life to live!  The happy and satisfied version of you is efficient while being relaxed and playful.  How lovable and attractive is that?

Be well!



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