A few weeks ago push came to shove!

I had been keenly aware that my pantry was disheveled and needing attention, but I just kept ignoring it feeling like it could wait while I focused on more timely things.

But then, at the same time, the material covering the open spaces around our window cooler came out, and into the house came a mouse! Eeeek!

I know because I found the bags of seeds and nuts in the pantry had little holes chewed in them. And the thick plastic bag of flour had holes eaten through it’s corners. 

Sadly, I really knew because there were all of a sudden, mouse droppings on the shelf and mouse-sized stockpiles of food tucked in corners. Not to mention small smears of yellow (gag!) and general disgustingness staring me in the face!

So while I had much on my plate the morning this discovery was made, I TOOK CARE OF THE PANTRY INSTEAD.

I emptied it out. I cleaned every surface. I threw away a lot. I wiped down everything that was left unharmed. I put flour in glass containers and seeds and nuts in jars too. I made it as uninviting and impenetrable as possible. 

It took me all day, but it was squeaky clean!

This is not unlike being a parent.

Sure we all know (kind of) that we have things to learn. We know we’re pretty self-concerned and that we often feel justified in being stinky to our people when we don’t get our way or when our kids don’t cooperate.

We may know that there is contention and sometimes great pain and angst in our kids, but we hope they’ll calm down and shape up soon!

We may think we’re too busy to dig in and learn what they need or that we just don’t want to go through the pain of seeing ourselves as we are. (And yes, it is pain!)

But, what we need to know is this truth:


It is past time to learn the principles of unconditional love.

The mouse is in the pantry and cleaning up after-the-fact is far more involved and difficult than starting off well and taking care when the problems are small!

Please join me in the Healing With Love class!

The sale price is amazing and whatever is displaced by taking the time to focus on this important work will wait.

Sending you my love today!



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