Whether I am the coach or the coachee, I am in love with coaching!

And I guess that’s because I have experienced profound change as I have been coached by some great people over the years, and because I have the privilege of watching my clients make profound and lasting changes in their lives too!

Hello my friend, I hope this finds you well today.

On the Lioness podcast, I recently hosted David Monson, from Spectrum Advice, in an interview that could potentially help some of you in a big way!

Particularly families with a member who is on the autism spectrum. (ASD) For those of us who have raised children who have this particular cluster of abilities, perceptions, challenges and ways of responding to the world, it can be a challenging ride!

Please listen in as I introduce you to a man and a program that has helped our family! (Although I wish I’d had access to this help 30 years ago!)

If you’re raising an ASD child, or you know someone who is, please share this episode of the Lioness podcast with them!

Sending you love and hope!

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