Have you spent time putting ideas on paper of how you want things to go at home? Chores you’d like the kids to do, a rotation of cleaning or cooking responsibilities or even figured out when you’ll study and rest?

Sometimes this time can feel misspent if you get your master plan mapped out and then something crazy throws life way off balance! Like say, breaking a bone or having surgery or remodeling a house or moving…the list of potential plan-disruptive events is long.

But was your planning time really wasted? What happens when you are out of commission? Hopefully you will have help with things you temporarily can’t do and your general plan can serve as a guide to helpers. What happens when you get through the move? Voila! You can post your plan and get to work maintaining your new place.

Surely getting through the disruptions, the waiting until things are back to manageable, takes a lot of patience. You have to hold on to the vision of your kind of “normal” until you can live it again.

And if things change so much that your original plan doesn’t fit anymore, you can go back to the drawing board and craft one that does. Only now you’ll have the experience of thinking through things and writing your thoughts out.

Kids thrive on knowing what comes next. Routine and order can serve as a security blanket. The fact that regular life has so many twists and turns just means that we work for days of pattern and predictability, sprinkled with times of spontaneity and fun, while learning agility and practicing patience when we experience windows of waiting.

I wish you all the best!!



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