Decisions, Decisions

Our month of Step 2 is coming to a close! {I’m referring to the Lioness 7 Steps to Family Wellness seminar that is in progress!}

Did you decide to join us in clearing out the clutter of our homes and schedules?

I am amazed again at the peace that comes when we put things to rest, or in other words when they are put away, finished, straightened or organized. So much less emotional noise!

Sometimes it takes awhile to get there, and that’s ok.

I’ve had projects in my house that have been in process all this year. Thankfully, several of them are now finished and at rest. Aaaaah.

For this month’s challenge, I have worked on closets and cupboards and it feels amazing to open the doors on those spaces and see calm.

I’m also amazed at what little time it takes to tweak things once they have been set to right the first time.

I wish you the peace that comes when decisions are made!

I also challenge you to finish the projects you outlined for this month by Saturday, when our seminar group will be accounting to one another for the exciting things they’ve done this month!

Be well!



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