How are your declarations coming for the New Year?

I’ve just crafted, based on my current challenges and goals, 70 new, positive, present tense statements that I’ll be rehearsing to myself, either from the declaration pages in my planner or reading from the copy of those pages I have hung on the inside of my medicine cabinet door.

(There are six years of declarations layered there now!)

Oh, side note: we finished our 5 Day Challenge, (thank you for your participation!) and we’ve been working on getting our planners set up for the year! If you still need a planner, please check ours out here!

If you missed the challenge, but you’d like to walk through it with the videos and worksheets, register here and then send a message when you’re done and I’ll send you the one-hour planner masterclass!

So, one of the declarations I wrote for this year, and wanted to share with you is pretty simple on the surface, with a lot of meaning underneath.

It’s simply this:

“I am Agent, hear me roar!”

In other words, when I’m in my Agent brain, I am powerful, lit-up and living!

As compared to being in my victim brain, when I am apathetic, sluggish and weak.

In fact, the energy and strength and determination and curiosity and drive and enthusiasm and joy that I feel when I am taking responsibility for my life, is sucked dry when I shift into a victim brain mentality!

It may start out as a subtle sense of entitlement which inevitably leads to sadness and disappointment.

It may be making a decision, even a small one, based on fear, which leads to a feeling of stagnation and confusion.

It may be some kind of contention, stirred up by our victim-driven culture, and fueled by pride.

Or it may be one of the many ways we moms slide into feeling put upon, for some reason or another, which leads to the futility of our whining and complaining and basically making a challenging situation worse!

“I am Agent, hear me roar,” will remind me to stay in my own energy. To own my mistakes. To learn. To forgive.

What will you be telling yourself this year?

Please share!


The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home. We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.

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