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It is dry as a bone at our house. Good thing lavender is hardy, because most everything else looks drab and brown and nearly dead. And it’s amazing to me what a difference that makes. Our home looks less inviting because the yard looks less alive because the underlying need-the water-isn’t plentiful this year.

I have never thought of water creating the look of home of plenty of graciousness, and yet it is exactly the element that is missing in this year’s landscape.

This realization strikes me, that sometimes when we feel less than our best; less than warm or inviting or gracious, less than sociable or giving, it may just be that our inner well has run dry.

It is our job, our most important job, to replenish the spring in us that allows us to feel loved, to feel nurtured and at ease; to have enough and to spare, enough and much left over to give.

What waters your soul? Close your eyes and be still and listen…let the ideas distill on you. Then make a plan to restore your reservoir if needed and strive to keep it brimming to the top!

There are few things that are without limit. God’s love first and foremost. Feast on it, drink and quench your thirst, then share those blessings to your heart’s delight!

Sending you love and best wishes today!

Be well. Claim your blessings. Become your whole self.



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