Hello my dear friends!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with some of you during our online Lioness seminar last weekend titled, Healing With Love.

We dove into the principles of Real Love and then learned how those principles answer and solve the problem of lingering physical tension and pain, using an understanding of TMS. (More opportunities to attend this class coming right up!)

These ideas are massive.

And life-changing. And to those of you who participated in the seminar, I hope you are seeing a shift in your thinking and behavior. So exciting!

Today, I’m offering a simple reminder that you need to feel loved in order to give love to your family.

And one place I hope you can find that feeling, is in your memory bank!

Maybe you don’t have the ability to call on a wise woman or a wise man just now. Or maybe you are tired or feeling stressed in some way.

As a meditation, even for one minute, you can close your eyes and remember a time when you felt full of hope and love.

When you felt that you were included, cherished and completely accepted.

All you need do is close your eyes and go to that time. Remember how you felt and recognize that those feelings are yours to keep and use anytime you need a lift!

This is our job, to gather love through our choice to be honest and show humble gratitude toward ourselves and those wise men and women around us.

Remember, they are the friends and family members we have who are solid in themselves enough to love us just as we are and who give us honest and gracious feedback.

This is a crucial part of self-care! In fact, it is the definition!

Sending my love and confidence to you today.

You can do this.


P.S. If meditation or remembering love sounds like woo woo or not worth the effort, consider the amount of time we spend lazily doing the opposite! That thing we call “worry,” which is using our imaginative powers either remembering past hurts or creating (by imagining) new difficulties in the future. With just a slight modification, we can spend that time using and adding to our storehouse of loving memories!

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