You are cordially invited.

I am crazy about helping women of faith who struggle with stress and pain, to find balance in their health and relationships.

I have been the person with chronic pain and depression and have experienced a great deal of drama and unrest in family relationships.

That is why I do what I do! 

I love and teach moms to find the root of their conflict and they consistently find relief along with greater health and happiness!

I appreciate your presence here and I hope, as I share my love of life, family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with you, that you will know you’re not alone in your every day challenges. 

So, if you’ve been here for 1 day or for 8 years, you are invited to join in the Healing With Love class!

I have written and recorded classes and prepared assignments that will take you step by step through a process of learning the principles of unconditional love while unravelling the mindbody syndrome to boot! (TMS) 

As you do the work, you will also meet with like-minded women in two group coaching sessions each month!

I’m with you and I’m ready to walk with you through your journey toward greater peace and health!




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