Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting behind a young family at a Sacrament service.

There were three little people…all the same age!

What I heard and saw was so inspirational to me and reminds me why I am confident in the strength and goodness of so many parents today.

I saw a lot of hugging.

I saw a sparkling smile from dad to mom when one of the kids said or did something endearing. I mean it sparkled!

I heard, “Jesus loves you and Jesus loves Daddy and Jesus loves Mommy,” many times.

I saw preparation and simple quiet activities and a lot of explaining, “Now we’re going to pray.”

And, “Now we’re going to sing.”

I felt so happy for the strides that are obviously being made in a marriage relationship and in the challenge of caring for triplets. {What courage that must take!}

I applaud all of you in your efforts to teach your children that they are loved and cherished and that you are loved and cherished too.

We can be full of hope and love and faith, together.

And what sweet rewards come to a family who work and pray and sing together.

Be well my friend!



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