Good day my friend and bless you for all the amazing efforts you are making for your family’s sake!

As you are learning more about Real Love, do you ever look back with your new lens and see mistakes you have made and feel sad?

Maybe even suffer a bit for the ways you can see that your family could be more loving and close, if only you had known the principles you know now?

{And even more intense might be regret for the times we behave in unloving ways, forgetting that we have new Real Love skills!}

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

I have much to be humble about. And I have to be careful not to stay in painful, regretting moments of realization as I look back on my life as a wife and mother.

How things might be different for the better; what challenges my behavior created for my spouse and children; the ways I thought about and coped with difficult circumstances that were in error and were ultimately unloving. Underlying it all, my lack of understanding how loved I am.

So, my mode of operation in those painful moments has become this:
I spend several minutes in tearful, heartfelt prayer, pouring out my heart to God, recognizing my shortcomings and mistakes and asking for forgiveness.

Then I ask my Heavenly Father to help me repair what I can and for Him to heal and bless our family with His Omnipotent and Unconditional love. I pledge to continue to learn and to rejoice in the opportunities that will come since I believe that our bonds are eternal, with everlasting learning and progress.

Then I focus on love. Mostly feeling God’s love and the grace he offers me.

When we stay in remorse, in guilt, or pain, we block the Real Love that is shining before us. We must choose to move through those moments purposefully, and not stay there!

With faith and practice, we can accept that we are human and learning, feel remorseful and repentant, then move quickly back to our focus on how greatly we are loved! It is a miraculous process!

I pray that you will have powerful witnesses that you are loved and that your sacrifice of a broken, and learning heart, is acceptable before God.

We truly are loved. Always.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

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