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In The Middle

When we’re in the middle of creating something, or as in the case of several young mothers I know, someone, life can feel like an unbalanced dance.

Some things are on hold while others are full-tilt, and even while you’re taking the steps that need taking, you know that soon, everything will shift around another way!

Is it comforting to know that everyone is in some sort of limbo? They may appear to be settled or at ease, but somewhere in the life of every person I know, is an issue waiting to be resolved. Maybe it is even more than waiting, it may be a time when they are in constant prayer and thought about how to solve a problem or to accept a change or to have the courage to make a positive change.

Is this observation true for you? Do you know anyone who is sitting pretty without a care or heartache of any  kind? Me either.

So, maybe we can all take a deep breath in……..and then in acceptance of where you are right now…….let it out.

The moment you are waiting for will come; the decisions will be made; the help will show up; you will ride out the storm if need be. And through whatever comes, you won’t ever be alone!

You are a treasure my friend.

Please take good care of yourself today.



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