Don’t you love being able to help your family with simple, natural remedies?  It is quite thrilling to me!

One of my favorites is Redmond clay.  I use it daily for one thing or another, and I think you’ll find it handy if you haven’t discovered it already.

First, I’ve already used it twice today (and it’s still morning).  I used my cream deodorant and then “powdered” with clay.  Then, I put a teaspoon in a shaker cup of 8 oz. water and shook it and drank it about an hour before breakfast.  I continue to do all I can to heal gut issues, and clay is an important tool for accomplishing that.

For burns, there is nothing better, just make sure to keep it wet by putting plastic over it. You don’t want it to dry out over a burn! I have had this bottle in my kitchen for years (as you can see) with clay made into a gel so that I can have it at a moments notice for first aid.  I also keep some in my car.

As a facial mask, it is lovely and only takes about five minutes until it is ready to be wiped off with a warm, wet washcloth.

It makes an amazing, drawing foot soak.  Just put a few tablespoons in a pan of hot water and soak those tired feet!

We use it as a diapering powder.  It works very well for diaper rash!  Better than anything else I know of.

I use clay for making cream deodorant.  And for dry shampoo because it absorbs oil and dirt.  Here’s an easy recipe to try:

Dry Shampoo Recipe

4 Tbs dry clay

1 Tbs cornstarch

15 drops of your favorite essential oil blend

Mix the ingredients together and put in a clean salt shaker.  You can then either shake the powder directly on to your scalp in small amounts, or shake the dry shampoo onto a cotton ball and dab a little on your scalp in sections. After a few minutes, brush it out.

Clay is used for electrolyte replacement, as a mineral supplement, for acid reflux, colitis, bee stings, acne, ulcers, eczema, shingles, sores that won’t heal and has many other uses.

For more information on using clay you can read Our Earth, Our Cure by Raymond Dextreit. You can also get a copy of a booklet called, We Eat Clay, by Neal E. Bosshardt, from Redmond Clay and Salt Company.  It is full of stories and experiences people have had using clay for a myriad of different ailments. Very interesting and inspiring!

I wish you health and happiness!


As with any ideas offered at Lioness, you know that I do not intend to prescribe or treat illness in any way. You are in charge of your family’s health and must become confident and educated about any therapies you try. Be well!

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