How are you doing this beautiful winter solstice night my friend?

Are you enjoying your family and friends, or are you uptight and trying to squeeze in a few more preparations for Christmas? {Without the uptight part, can we do both, prepare and enjoy?}

Every year, I learn a little bit more about stress! About what works for me and what I want to do differently next year! Especially, how stress keeps me from feeling “the love.”

Wherever you are in your evolution as a mother at Christmastime, I want to challenge you (and me) to do something right now:

Do one small thing to take care of yourself. Small. Right now.

It could be taking five deep breaths and saying a prayer of gratitude for what you are learning.

It could be taking a hot bath by candle light.

It could be asking someone for a foot massage.

It could be reading a good book for ten minutes.

It could be making a cup of peppermint tea and sipping on it while you wrap gifts!

It could be repeating the mantra, “I like myself, I love myself,” ten times.

It could be making a list of “helpful tips to self” for next year’s holiday season!

We are all human. We are all learning. We are all in need of grace and forgiveness and many, many second chances.

God grant us the wisdom to; do the work to learn, to get better and to be fully alive while we are here.

Sending you Christmas love tonight. You are a blessing. Thank you for inspiring me and for serving your wonderful families.

May your healthy traditions become treasured memories.

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