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Let It Shine!

Have you gotten a little burn on your neck or face or arms yet this early summer? Seems like it’s easy to do when you’re outside more than usual at the beginning of the season.

These days I use coconut oil for that. I’ve heard some funny jokes {none of which I can think of this minute} about the benefits of coconut oil. It’s been quite the craze hasn’t it?

I do use it quite a bit in baking and frying and smoothies and granola, but the most common use I have for it is on my skin. It heals minor burns like you can’t believe, if you haven’t tied it already.

Just smooth some on and soon the pain and redness has eased up. When the kids have been out in the sun for awhile, it’s a great thing to do when they come inside. A little oil on the nose and cheeks and neck.

See what you think!

I hope it’s a sweet summer for you!



P.S. has great deals on their vitacost brand coconut oil. You can get 52 ounces for about $20 and free shipping!

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