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Love Is On It’s Way

What warms you and makes you feel loved? A cup of peppermint tea at bedtime? A warm bath?

How about a little sleepy head next to you listening to a picture book as you read? An “I love you,” and “thanks”? How about warm socks and a good book in a comfy chair? Is it seeing the laundry folded and being put away? Or the kitchen sink sparkling after a good baking soda shine?

Is it looking at the sky or noticing the birds? Is it petting a cat or playing with a curly puppy? Is it listening to an empowering song or stepping out into the night air after it rains? Is it seeing the smile of a friend when you remember her birthday or the emoji blowing a kiss coming back on a text?

I hope that whatever it is, you will receive it when it comes or create it for yourself or for someone else.

Life is a long time, but childhood is not. Please give your children the mother they deserve by treating yourself with dignity and respect. Give yourself what you need, relax and enjoy these precious days.

Everyone will be better off when you take the breaks you need to refuel and recharge.

I think you are wonderful. Keep being your amazing self!




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