A Woman of Vision

Hello! Just wanted to share a few thoughts from a book I’m reading for our Ladies Literary Club this month called, Martha Washington, by Patricia Brady.

First, here is a quote from Martha that could have been written two centuries later by a positive psychologist:

“Martha had a naturally calm and optimistic outlook on life, but she also worked at maintaining that attitude. As she later wrote, ‘I am still determined to be cheerful and to be happy in whatever situation I may be, for I have also learnt from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not upon our circumstances; we carry the seeds of the one, or the other about with us, in our minds, wherever we go.'”

I like the way she expresses that truth.

Also, a paragraph jumped out at me about how Martha supported George as he was in a demanding and extremely important role as the military leader of an emerging nation:

“As usual, her first concern was her husband’s comfort, allowing him freedom from domestic details to concentrate on his military responsibilities…she reorganized household affairs so that they ran more smoothly. His emotional comfort, however, was her primary care. Her deep devotion to her children and other family members paled before the burning intensity of her love for George Washington. He accepted her adoration without much thought. It was the atmosphere in which he breathed and lived, where he was most himself. She was at his side on his side, sympathizing and supporting him through depression, failure, disloyalty, and anxiety about the future. With her, he needn’t pretend to be perfect.”

At his side and on his side. To me, these are the profound thoughts and actions of a strong and capable woman who chose to use her nurturing influence to support her husband, and in the process, change our history. Do you believe this idea of creating places of “emotional comfort”  can have such powerful and far reaching consequences for a marriage, a family and in some cases, a country?

I wonder, what legacy are you and I leaving for our families and all those who will come after us? Something to think about…

All my best to you!


P.S. Are you ever tempted to think that the small nurturing acts you perform day in and day out may never amount to much? Those seemingly small things will make all the difference in the long run! We have to remember that the small things are the big things! Who is in your sphere of influence right now? As Mother Teresa reminded us, we can do small things, in our seemingly small circle, with great love and that is what changes the world. You’re doing it! And you’re doing it well. Thank you!

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