There is a new axiom in our day about cooking.  It is, that it is far easier to “pin” a good meal than it is to actually cook one!

Don’t you wish that the recipes on your Pinterest board would just appear, cooked and beautiful, on your kitchen table with the click of your mouse!?  I do!

But here in reality, we gotta do it ourselves.img2

Food can keep us grounded in life and connected to each other or it can be a constant source of irritation and potential contention. Which is the case at your house?  When someone asks, “What’s for dinner Mom?” do you panic to realize you have no idea or do you answer confidently and let your child know what they can do to help?

This may sound melodramatic, but stress hormones pumping through your body every day at 4:00 or 6:00 whenever the scramble for dinner begins, is not a recipe for great health.

So how about taking the bull by the horns and tackling the question, “what’s for dinner?” Are you ready?

I can help!  If you will stick with me, I will hold your hand through the process and it’ll be painless!  Really!

Today we will cover STEP 1.

Here is your assignment:

Get a full-size piece of paper and a pencil.  Hey, you could grab them now, and get started!

Got it?  Ok, now holding the paper portrait style, write three words across the top:

Breakfast             Lunch                  Dinner

This is a brainstorming moment, so let the family help!  What do you all like to eat?  Do you love pancakes in the morning?  How about lunch, what sounds good?  And dinner, what are your favorites?  What recipes have you pinned lately that look really good?

Just start writing the ideas down under the appropriate heading.  See if you can get 10 ideas written down in the breakfast and lunch columns and then go for 20-25 for dinner ok?

That’s it!  Step 1 will be done when you reach those numbers.

Don’t be stressed, just have some fun thinking of good food!

I’ll catch you next time with Step 2.  Before you know it you are going to have a PLAN.  And it’s going to feel good.

Happy day wherever you are!



P.S. For personalized help with this and other “take-the-bull-by-the-horns” projects, contact me for personal and family life coaching today!

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