Quiet Please!

I remember one day when our kids were little, my brother visiting and hearing the classical music that was playing in our house, and probably seeing that I was tired and ready for bed at 8:00, said something like, “You need a little more music in your life!” as he vocalized a high-pitched noise to make his electric air guitar squeal on a prolonged note.

I just looked at him. How could he know that my life was full to the brim with excitement and adrenaline rushes? He’d never been a parent let alone had three little people under the age of four. No, I needed music that calmed my nervous system and helped me to think in full sentences, considering my state of sleep deprivation.

This parenting game is intense because so much of a parent’s time is spent taking care of urgent, noisy tasks! I know that you know this, but I just have to validate the fact!

Which is why this month we are working on finishing small projects; cleaning or organizing small to large trouble spots that are screaming for our attention; simplifying our spaces; simplifying our schedules; making plans to quiet the stress of  “I don’t know where to begin!” A list that is prioritized, number one needing attention first, and two being next and so on, is the beginnings of a plan.

Even the smallest efforts will pay great dividends! Look around. What is calling to you? Can you remedy it simply? Can you get someone to help you if need be? Can you write a note to yourself, if you aren’t up for tackling it right this minute, and allowing the note to take the sound of urgency down a few notches?

I pray that you will feel empowered to keep moving forward, encouraged to take one small step after another…
Life is good. You are amazing!






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