Does your family eat less fresh salad than you think you ought to because salads can be labor intensive and time-consuming to make?  Because I used to dread making a fresh salad for those reasons, I started making a “base” of greens that I could then use as a jump-start for different salad recipes.  The beauty of this idea is that the greens stay fresh by themselves much longer than a salad that has other more fragile foods in it like tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries or peppers.

So here’s the short cut:

Wash and spin or dry a variety of leafy greens.  Pictured here is a 1/2 a bunch of Swiss chard, 1 head of red leaf lettuce, 1 bunch of kale and 1/2 head of green cabbage.  I also love to use spinach, red cabbage, different kinds of leaf lettuce or watercress for a little radish flavor.  Then I grate carrots into the mix.

Then I store the greens in a glass bowl with a tight fitting lid and or in plastic bags in the fridge.  It will keep fresh for a week or more.  Then, when you are preparing a meal, simply put as many greens in a serving bowl as will feed your family for that meal and add extras for color and variety.


A few ideas of combinations:

~sliced tomatoes, croutons, green onions and homemade ranch

~strawberries, pecans browned in butter and honey and grated smoked cheese

~avocado, mandarin oranges, slivered almonds browned in butter with garlic vinaigrette

~diced cucumbers, olives, cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese and balsamic dressing

I hope this post will give you some food for thought and take a little of the stress out of preparing fresh food for the loved ones at your table!

Many happy meals to you,