Good morning my friend. I hope this day, cold and rainy though it is in my neck-of-the-woods, will be happy and productive for you and yours!

I have a very simple thought to share, one that you may already be implementing, but if not, I think it’s worth a mention. It deals with limiting the spread of germs…so it’s a little disgusting.

First, we know that we can share illness with others when we stand close to them, close enough for their saliva to land on our face when they speak. Ugh! We also know that we pick germs up when we touch surfaces that have been contaminated with sneezes and coughs and general nastiness.

But, we also need to remember that people pass illness in poop.

Sorry. It’s a necessary topic. If you are changing diapers, or potty training a toddler or have children who don’t have the best hand washing skills or if you have adults at your house (or who visit your house) who have no concept of hand-washing and germs in general, this is for you. I think that about covers everyone.

I read a study a few years ago that reported that there is more poop on kitchen towels (and bathroom hand towels) than is found on the bathroom floor.

And I saw a hand-washing tutorial the other day, and the doctor stated that you sometimes get more germs off of you hands as you wipe them off after washing, than you did while you were washing.

So, a few ideas:

1 Teach family members to count to 20 while washing their hands with warm water and soap. Demonstrate and do it together a few times so that kids can see what you mean about washing between fingers and getting the backs of their hands clean too. 20 seconds can feel like a really long time!

2 Have two towels available in your kitchen, one for hands and one for dishes. Teach your family which is which and, give someone the job of getting out clean towels each morning and putting the dirty ones in the washing machine. Also, throw your dishcloth in the laundry every day too.

3 Change the hand towels in your bathroom every day or at least every few days.

4 Make hand washing easy for kids by having a stool handy if they can’t reach the sink and the soap on their own. Make sure they know which way is hot and which way is cold so they can be safe and independent in this skill.

Lastly, use, as I heard a wise man say recently, the authority of your example, to teach your children all the healthy behaviors you hope they will adopt!

Be well!


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