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Nope, not in a tin can. The kind that comes to your inbox! A parable if you will…

I’ve been amazed, as I’ve mentioned before, at the immoral sludge that lands in my spam folder. Who spends their lives writing or producing this stuff? Why? What is the point? I don’t understand it, but I’ve spent time deleting each one, ignoring them while getting them gone.

So, imagine my delight, when one day a while ago, I discovered that I could select a “bulk-action” to delete all of the garbley-gook from each “author” and see 20 messages disappear at once! Now it takes a short time for me to clean that file out in comparison to deleting each one individually. What used to consume five precious minutes, now only requires less than one!

So I ask you, what other time might be spent cleaning the proverbial house that could be shortened and far less painful?

How do you tesseract beyond the temptation to become discouraged or hateful or resentful and angry?

We fold the fabric of time and leap over the distance by declaring that we choose to handle the difficulty with God’s help and in His way. The moment that declaration and petition is made, heaven rushes in to aid and bless us! Negativity melts away and peace comes in. The desire to be defensive or contentious leaves and in it’s place a true sense of our own ownership in the creation of the challenging situation…and strength to bear the truth of our responsibility! No one person is to blame for any interpersonal struggle. We are co-creating and evolving our relationships in every moment, so much so that the end result cannot be cut apart, the bad divvied to one party and the good to another.

By being open to God’s way of seeing and by leaving judgement to Him, we can “delete 20 negatives” in one flail swoop, by cutting down the time we spend arguing or contending with ourselves or others!

May we look to His power, in those critical moments, to heal our thinking errors and our spiritual ailments.

We are here to have joy. We claim it in part by learning to defer our judgement of a situation by asking for divine guidance instead of putting up our defenses and our fists.

I send you my love and confidence that you are capable of moving forward in your life and of steadily growing into more and more light and goodness.

One subtle choice at a time.

Be well.


P.S. Maybe some of the inspiration you receive will be to seek out someone who can help you see your life and relationships more clearly. I am so grateful for those gifted folks who have and are filling that role for me!


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