Hello! Something I’ve been noticing as I practice, is what happens when I take a deep breath.

Do you know what happens in your body and mind when you pause and take a few deep breaths and let them out through your mouth?

If you don’t, I challenge you to try it! (You can breathe deeply while you read this post!)

Intentionally bringing air deeply into my lungs and letting it fully out helps me to:

1 Reset my brain, as in let go of the mental chatter that may have been playing on autopilot, bringing me into the present moment, (where all potential and problem solving and loving and learning actually happen!)

2 Melt the tension in my shoulders, jaw, neck, limbs, scalp, eyes, sinuses, hips, etc. (changing my body posture and language from tight and constricted, to relaxed, open and receptive!)

3 Releases my stomach and frees up the process of digestion (hear it gurgle where it was tight before?)

4 Sometimes bring on a yawn! Ah, it’s like, “now where was I? Oh yeah, I was right here hearing the birds in my garden and seeing the sun on the trees.”

Because doesn’t being uptight in heart and mind and body, in a sense put us in a place of blindness? Like we can’t see all that is right, all that is singing out for us to hear, all that is beautiful in nature, “rolling in ecstasy at our feet” (as some wise person once said), and in all the love that is here for us to feel and receive?

Tension cuts out potential. It stifles reciprocity. It limits vision. It may even kill joy.

So, wherever you are today and no matter what you’re doing, I hope you’ll feel inspired to take several deep breaths, at least every hour, and allow yourself to come back into the present moment, to live, love and learn in this day that God has made!

Life is good. God is good!

Sending you my love,

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