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Take Hold!

Part of the “growing up” that we are all trying to do, is learning to move our minds in the direction we need them to go.

Case in point: When you have a big day ahead of you, is your automatic or untrained way of thinking, to move into stress and fear and anxiety?

Or how about when you are feeling pulled too many different directions at once?

Or when you have a new challenge or assignment?

What are you in the habit of thinking?

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How frightening it is? How overwhelmed you are? How you wish it would go away and leave you able to stay the way you are?

I can relate to all of those thoughts!

But I don’t want to invite them in for tea! Our children desperately need us to lead out by continuing our own growth!

The sooner we recognize negative or backward thinking for what it is, the sooner and more easily we can replace it with thoughts that will serve us and move us forward! Awareness is crucial!

This is also why having declarations written ahead of time is so valuable! You can immediately tell the fearful, whining, childish {not childlike, there is a big difference!} I’d-rather-do-anything-than-change thoughts to be gone!

And then replace them, w i t h o u t d e l a y, with your declarations that are full of faith and strength and courage! Shout them if you need to! Be fierce in the way that being fierce makes the biggest difference–that is, in your own mind!

“With God’s help, I can be successful in this new challenge.”

“I am made equal to the challenges in my life by asking for Divine help.”

“I am energetic.”

“I am fiercely determined to grow to my full potential.”

“I am living my mission.”

“I am full of gratitude.”

I am full of gratitude for you today.

Be well.

“The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home. We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.”

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