We have to inform our brains to think about what we want them to think about.

It is our tool and it is extremely obedient.

Say I want to focus on learning to practice a new skill every day. How can I ask my brain to help me?

I can take a picture of myself practicing. I can repeat declarations, informing my brain that I want to practice and that I am improving every day! {Lest discouragement set in and stay for too long!}

I know, it actually sounds like an act of God to convince myself that I want to practice!

Bottom line is, we have to inform our brains.

We have to inform them regularly and with as much intensity as we can muster. And in as many sensory-rich (seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling) ways as possible.

We use the gift of imagination and see and smell and hear and feel ourselves doing those things that will help us get where we want to go!

{If you’re worried, you’re already using your imagination, only you’re using it to your detriment and lack of forward motion. Oh, the minutes, days and years I have wasted there! Can you relate?}

What do you want to learn?

How will you inform your brain today?

Sending you my love and confidence that you are a creator with super powers!


P.S. The act of God part is really real too, in that we ask to be given the courage to tell our brains what we want in the first place and then that we’ll be granted the grit to make the concerted effort to focus in and be faithful to our goals! Lot’s of prayers here!








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