Do you want to be more confident in your leadership as a parent?

Here are three steps that were reinforced to me recently as an answer to a pleading, parenting prayer! I hope they will help you know you’re solidly on the right path so you can confidently move forward!

When loving and teaching kids, remember to focus on the choices they have, within the boundaries or parameters you and your spouse have set. Within these boundaries, you can focus on their choice, accountability and progress.

This is the difference between controlling and teaching!


“I am kind, gentle, respectful and firm, especially in parenting.”

1 Use righteous parenting boundaries and honor their agency by kindly, gently, respectfully & firmly setting out the rules of your home.

Make them simple. Make them clear. Listen for understanding. Restate if understanding isn’t clear.





Settling disputes.



Focus kids on the choices they have within that structure.

2 Turn their minds to the progress they have already made as they’ve been learning to be loving and responsible people.

Highlight the strengths and talents that help them play an important role in the family. “Thank you for being a peacemaker with your little brother. We need you here!”

3 Now the actual teaching begins! At regular, short intervals, as small choices are made, reteach, refocus, and firmly hold the boundaries you have set.

Help your children see when they are being loving and taking responsibility for themselves! Hurrah! Good for you!

And with benevolence, show them when they are not. (Be a firm, loving mirror.)

On occasion, amid constant love and guidance, a consequence may need to be given. In that case, using our righteous boundary words, [kind, gentle, respectful and FIRM], let the consequence of their actions and choices follow.


Being kind, gentle, respectful & firm instead of angry and irritated means our kids can relax and receive our love and teaching!

This kind of parenting requires a store of love, even an on-going supply in our souls!

And where do we get that?

From our daily love gathering of course!

Our daily love gathering is the foundation on which we build all lasting, loving relationships!

We can do this!

With God, nothing is impossible!

Sending you my love,

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Healing With Love



Healing With Love



Healing With Love

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