Time It Out- One Sweet Cleaning Hack

Semi-interesting fact: It takes me seven minutes to fold and put away a moderately-sized load of laundry.

Why do I know that? Well, I sometimes time myself doing jobs for several reasons.


One, because laundry {or whatever jobs you do on a regular basis} can be daunting. And two, because sometimes I think I don’t have time to finish. 

But knowing the bit about the seven minutes empowers me! I usually have seven minutes, so I can gauge my time, focus, and quickly get it done. I know I can completely finish the job {in seven little minutes} and not have to refold that load again because it didn’t get put away and then it got shuffled and tipped and knocked onto the floor making the time I spent folding it a waste!

Yes, timing your work can be magical.

No, I’m not OCD not even a little. I’m not even attached to a clock much.

But, when you have a pretty good sense of what time you need for any given job, you can make an educated decision about when to get it done.

And, most jobs actually take a lot less time than you think!

Here are some examples:

Clean under the sink- 5 minutes
Straighten the linen closet- 5 minutes
Dust light fixtures in three rooms- 5 minutes

You might also consider having your kids time themselves doing their jobs so that they can have the benefit of knowing they won’t be doing dishes or cleaning their rooms forever!

So my friend, I hope you are feeling good about the state of your castle! And if not, try the timing trick and see if it will help you to focus on one thing at a time and rotate through your work a bit faster.

Home is where such lovely things can begin. Making it clean and inviting is worth our best work!



P.S. Did I mention that timing yourself can keep you on task?…If you’re like me and tend to get a bit distracted by the next drawer or cupboard or closet that I’d like to tackle…but no! Today it’s just cleaning under the sink! Tomorrow will have it’s work too.
Also, once you have the time written on your job sheet {or Lioness planner!} for a task, you can set a timer for that amount of time when you do the job again to keep yourself in a groove! Wow!

P.P.S. All in good time, no need to run faster than you have strength. Small bites {seven little minutes or so } off the to-do list are doable aren’t they?

P.P.P.S. Pacing your work also means that you will get some regular, relaxing breaks and down time to just “be.” Ahhh! You are wonderful!

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